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Got Riddles?

If you are someone who loves solving puzzles or finding the answer to hard riddles, this app is right for you. With "Got Riddles?" you have a long list of amazing riddles and brain teasers right at your finger tips. If you and your friends are ever bored, simply pull out your iPhone or iPod Touch and try to figure out a riddle!

"Got Riddles?" splits up the riddles and brain teasers into three categories, 1) Short and quick puzzles, 2) Logical puzzles and 3) Mathematical puzzles. The list will clearly show a break between one section and another.

All answers to the puzzles are located off the page, below the problem itself. To view the answer, simply scroll down at least 4-5 lines below the problem/page. If you do not wish to see the answer, make sure you do not scroll beneath the question!

Now, if anyone asks you, "Do you have any good riddles?"

Where ever you are, you can answer, "I have more than a hundred."

Please e-mail me any riddles have that are not on the list. After I get a certain amount, I will make an update adding a new category called "User Riddles." PLEASE SUBMIT ANY GOOD RIDDLES THAT YOU HAVE.