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Cat Annoy

Attention all cat owners! Cat Annoy is your essential iPhone app. With cat annoy, you can play 8 different sounds that will tease your cat and make him/her do hilarious things. The selection of sounds include,

- 4 high frequency pitches ( 12 Khz, 14.1 Khz, 14.9 kHz, and 18.8 kHz)
- Cat Meow
- Cat Fight
- Dog Bark
- Cat Growl

NOTE: If you have an iPod Touch 1st generation, the only way you will be able to annoy your cat is if they are plugged into speakers

ALSO: All cats are different and will react different. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU CAT WILL REACT TO THE SOUNDS, ONLY A HIGH PROBABILITY. Also, it depends how old your cat is. The younger, the more of a chance would will get a reaction from them.

Annoy your cat today!